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Stop leaving the success of your workshops up to chance.

Boring workshops, useless meetings, energy-draining conferences, and awkward networking events all have one thing in common — 

They're poorly designed. 
We’re here to intervene.

The Intervention Bureau is a learning experience design & facilitation consultancy founded by Lily Higgins.

We craft
signature workshops (virtual & IRL) for agencies and thought-leaders that supercharge engagement, connectivity, and creativity.


You're a creative leader with world-changing ideas. You don't do business as usual, so don't let your workshops be.

Our Workshop Design Packages


90-min Workshop Strategy Sesh

Quick, actionable feedback to DIY a better workshop

1 hour of creative brainpower to give you actionable tips on how to measurably improve your existing workshop experience. A chance to ask all of your session plan, facilitation, and MURAL/Miro questions; we'll hold nothing back and you'll know exactly what to do once the call ends.


Give your existing workshop a little zhuzh

One client called it "adding a bit of Lily's fairy dust." We'll improve upon your existing workshop framework—without building from scratch. More than a lick of paint, we'll help you with timing, activities, structure, content, agendas, outcomes, and facilitation tips to achieve consistent results.


Signature Workshop Creation

Share your method and showcase your expertise in a custom workshop

Collaborate with clients, connect with your audience and take your show on the (virtual) road with a captivating proprietary workshop experience that works every time you run it. The perfect complement for your thought-leadership or creative work. 

Serendipty Walk Lily Higgins

Or try one of ours!

Sample our style with one of OUR signature workshops. We'll take care of everything so your team can sit back and enjoy.


"What could a workshop look like in my biz?"

We define a workshop as a gathering in which people come together to do something they couldn’t do alone. That’s why we believe a workshop can take the form of a...

🧩  problem-solving session

⚖️  decision-making session

♟   strategy session

🔮  future visioning session

🕸  networking event

🪢  community-building event

🍎  training / masterclass

🎲  serious game

🍃  business retreat

🏁  kick-off / closing event

🚢  onboarding / off-boarding

🤸‍♂️  team building experience

...and more! How can we help your next professional gathering glow?


But is a meaningful learning experience something you can design?


How we do it  🪄

We discover the true purpose

of your session 🧭


Knowing exactly why you’re bringing people together sounds obvious but it isn’t.


We’ll do a deep dive into what your desired (learning) outcomes are, the needs your session is meeting, how you want participants to feel during and after the session, and how your purpose can shine though in every detail.

We’re creative experts in diverse schools of thought 💭


Game design, learning pedagogy, design thinking, group psychology, theatre, and more; we mix a unique cocktail to craft experiences that trigger cognitive, reflective, and emotional responses that bring a group to your desired learning outcome every time.

What we don't do ✋


Cringey icebreakers, broadcasting to passive audiences, or the classic toss-people-in-a-room-with-some-sticky-notes-and-say “Think outside the box!”.


No matter the content, we craft every session to align with your brand’s tone of voice, resulting in an absorbing and transformative experience for your participants.

neon frame headshot.png


Hi, I'm Lily Higgins. 

Facilitator, experience designer, gamification expert, futures thinker.

I founded The Intervention Bureau because I was tired of seeing the potential of workshops being squandered by careless design and cookie-cutter facilitation.


I've always been passionate about designing and facilitating experiences that create a temporary alternate world where we can play by other rules. I believe that bringing groups together in new ways is key to navigating uncertainty and building a new culture of work.

I weave my expertise in gamification, social design, strategic foresight, and the art of creating psychological safety within groups into every experience I design, together with a group of amazingly cross-disciplinary collaborators.

#1 ranked episode of 2022 on the Workshops Work Podcast

“Lily’s genius is her passion for and ability to design transformative experiences that shift people’s mindsets by surpassing the rational and speaking to the experiential self."


-Nadia Piet, Head of Creative Technology at DEPT Agency

You're in good company.

I've designed & facilitated transformational experiences for exciting clients, big and small.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 17.11.31.png

I love to partner up.

I've worked closely with many amazing teams and experts all over the world as a strategic facilitation & LXD partner:

THE SIX • strategy & innovation consultancy

THE FUTURE KIND • org culture consultancy

WONDER • employee experience design

REALUTOPIA • systemic innovation & degrowth strategy

HANDLE WITH BRAIN • LXD & community design

ALICE DARBYSHIRE • gender equity & leadership consultant

BUREAU TW!ST • culture & conflict facilitation

CHANGEIST • strategic foresight consultancy

ABRACADEMY • team culture & training bureau

ZEEWAARDIG • social service design agency

I've been on the line up at these conferences:

Next Learning Conference 2024

NeverDoneBefore Festival 2022 & 2023

Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022 & 2023

Play in Business 2022

Thingscon 2019 & 2022

Playful Creative Summit 2020

Counterplay 2019

Overruled Game.png

Ready to up your workshop game?


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