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You're working towards a radical, world-changing mission.
Complex problems are part of your everyday.

That's why your team
needs to be a 
creative-problem-solving powerhouse.

From idea to impact : 

A 2-day Design Thinking Immersion 
to dig in to your organisation's
mission-critical challenges. 

〰  empathise  〰  define  〰  ideate  〰  prototype  〰  test  〰  iterate  〰 empathise  〰  define  〰  ideate  〰  prototype  〰  test  〰  iterate  〰 empathise  〰  define  〰  ideate  〰  prototype  〰 

Systemic innovation & creative problem solving training for impact organisations, non-profits & purpose-driven businesses


What is Design Thinking
and how can it support
our mission?

Design Thinking

is a structured, iterative approach to solving complex challenges by understanding the needs of people and the planet.

Done right, it fosters a creative mindset of curiosity, questioning assumptions, deep listening, systemic thinking, and radical imagination.


* Design Thinking, developed by the Standford Institute for Design Research (, is a framework for defining, developing, and testing innovative solutions to complex problems. It's a creative process that gives structure to uncertainty, enabling multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate effectively in uncharted territories.

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But this isn't just any
Design Thinking training.

We're taking back Design Thinking from the tech bros and bringing it back to its essence —

untangling wicked problems through co-creation.

We bring a combined expertise in systems thinking, strategic design, experience design, applied play, and organisational psychology that goes far beyond the hype of the average Design Thinking training.


2-day Design Thinking Immersion: From Idea to Impact

What to expect






Restorative yoga focuses on holding passive poses for extended periods, promoting relaxation and reducing stress by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system.
Duration: 45 minutes

Meet your strategic facilitators

(a.k.a. The Gen-Z Dream Team)


Lily Higgins

she/her (USA/NL)

Lily Higgins is an experience designer, master facilitator, and expert in applied play. She's the founder of The Intervention Bureau, a boutique consultancy that designs immersive learning

experiences for organisations in flux.


Whether remote or in person, the workshops she designs help teams foster connection, gain clarity, supercharge collaboration, and incite change.

She dreams of a #futureofwork where nobody hates Mondays.

She lives in Rotterdam and works globally.

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Alex Wolf

she/they (DE/RU)

Alex Wolf is an innovation consultant, design thinking facilitator, systems thinker and founder of Real Utopia. Coming from an International Business background, she is leveraging her expertise in designing sustainable business models and bringing them to life.


For her Master's in European Studies, incorporating social science, politics, culture and economics, she wrote her thesis on transformation narratives towards future-proof economic systems. Using design tools and interdisciplinarity, she empowers entrepreneurs, activists, and scientists to work on global challenges together.

She lives in Berlin and works globally.

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"Move fast intentionally and break regenerate things"

Why we believe in bringing Design Thinking
to social impact orgs:

TL;DR- We want to help you get closer to your mission without getting lost in complexity and burning out.


In a reality of interconnecting global crises, it's easy to become paralysed by not knowing where to start and which actions will create real impact.

We believe that the human-centered, systemic, and iterative approach of Design Thinking can help your team develop solutions that truly meet the needs of those you're serving, and avoid investing significant time, energy, and money in un-validated initiatives that might not pan out.

All that, while reconnecting to the joy of working towards the vision you founded your organisation for.

Adopting a Design Thinking Mindset helps interdisciplinary teams take an active approach towards challenges in their work, overcome obstacles more quickly, and build resilience. 

We believe in playing the long game and supporting innovation in organisations that share our vision for a more sustainable and equitable future.


What you'll get out of the 2 days:

12 hours of hands-on training, team building & trust building

Embed creativity & experimentation into your team's modus operandi

Get unstuck on a recurring challenge by applying a new method

Mitigate risk by

learning how to quickly test & iterate new ideas

A framework & mindset

to tackle any future challenges as a team

A clear next step

towards solving your org's critical challenge

Empower your team

to own & drive iterative innovation

Energy & playfulness

back in the team!

Unlock & leverage

your team's collective knowledge

What you won't get:

A magical, instant solution to your challenge. Design Thinking is not a silver bullet, simply a framework to help you navigate complexity.

Don't take it from us :)

Alex is a brilliant, creative and energetic collaborator. She expertly uses design thinking principals to create an environment where ideas flow and participants feel comfortable to think outside the box. She makes you feel that no problem is too big to approach and think through.


Through Alex, our team was able to tackle some of the toughest problems facing journalism in a regional context and develop inventive ideas to reach out to the community and regain trust. With inspiring and stimulating leadership provided by Alex, the team was able be open-minded about complex, entrenched problems.


To someone considering working with her, I would suggest you give your problem or topic the benefit of her sustained attention and see what happens. It is hard to imagine a situation that Alex’s creativity and expertise would not enhance considerably.




Editor in Chief | Unbias the News

Lily's powers of connecting to people and leading them to a space of discovery are unique. Exceptional; in the ability to form a strong connection with people from a space of vulnerability, and lead them from a space of certainty and power. Unique; in her deep (not to say endless) source of creativity.


The combination of the two allows her to design and facilitate workshops that lead to unchartered territories while staying totally connected to her participants.


I've had the luck to take part in several of her workshops and witnessed the magic first-hand each time.


I'm looking forward to any opportunity to collaborate with her, and after experiencing her work - I'm sure you will as well.




Agile Team Coach & Facilitator | The Agile Tao

Working with Lily on devising a team-alignment and visioning workshop for our team was an absolute pleasure. She really took the time to get to the heart of the questions we were seeking to answer, doing careful research and interviews with each of us. She then devised fun, interactive workshops with thoughtful exercises that got an enormous amount done in a very short space of time. All in all, the workshops have left us with a new team cohesion, energy and clarity of purpose.




Program Manager | Nieuwe Instituut, Museum for Architecture, Design & Digital Culture

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Alex in a Design Thinking workshop, and we're thoroughly impressed with the cutting-edge, innovative strategies Alex employed to inspire active participation among the attendees.

Communication with Alex, both prior to and during the workshop, was consistently swift and seamless. Additionally, the opportunity to actively contribute ideas enabled us to co-create a shared vision and concept.

Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Alex.



Media Lab Ansbach

90-min Workshop Strategy Sesh

Quick, actionable feedback to DIY a better workshop ⚡️

Pencil in your mini strategy sesh with just a few clicks 👉 

Tell me all about your workshop in the booking form and upload any existing workshops materials for me to review before our session. I can't wait!

  €299 (ex. VAT)  



1.5 hours of creative brainpower chock-full of concrete tips on how to measurably improve your existing workshop experience. A chance to ask all of your session plan, facilitation, and MURAL/Miro questions; we'll hold nothing back and you'll know exactly what to do once the call ends.

Want to talk it over first? Sure!

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